Our school

Bruny Island District School is the southern most school in Australia. Surrounded by the school’s own farm and surrounding acreages, it is located in a beautiful rural setting in the town of Alonnah on South Bruny. We are privileged to work and learn in a beautiful setting near the beach on the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and with a large play area including climbing equipment a newly upgraded oval, a working garden and chickens.

The island is accessible by a 20 minute car-ferry ride.

The school is known for its strong and caring community. Supportive learning environments and staff strive to develop positive, supportive relationships with students and families alike.


Our School is a values-driven and inclusive, where everyone feels values and parent involvement is encouraged.

Our four values being chosen in consultation with students, staff and families.

Our four values are:

Caring  •  Respect  •  Responsibility  •  Appreciation

These values underpin our behaviour management and our teaching and learning.

Moving to Bruny Island District School

Our family moved from Cairns at the end of 2015 to Bruny Island. Our children, then aged 7 and 9, started at Bruny Island District School about 2 weeks after we arrived on the island. It was a very big move but a very exciting move!

The children were so excited about starting their new school and felt like celebrities on their first day! As a family we immediately felt very welcome by the school and the children found it very easy to settle in.

Bruny Island School is incredibly lucky (or we are!) to have amazing teachers. They really get to know each and every child which is a big change from the large school they came from in Queensland where children can very easily get lost in the system. There is a strong sense of team spirit at Bruny School where everyone supports each other, from the oldest year group to the youngest.

For us it has been a fantastic move. We’re enjoying beautiful Bruny Island and feel very lucky to be a part of the community here.
— Family at Bruny Island District School