Links for parents


KidsMatter is an Australian mental health and well-being initiative set in primary schools and early childhood education and care services (like preschools, kindergartens and day care centres). It’s a framework that helps these places take care of children's mental health needs by:

  • creating positive school and early childhood communities
  • teaching children skills for good social and emotional development
  • working together with families
  • recognising and getting help for children with mental health problems.

KidsMatter was developed by mental health professionals and education and childcare staff in response to the high rates of school-age children with mental health difficulties and the problems they face getting help. Visit the site for more info and resources:


Move Well Eat Well is a Tasmanian government initiative that supports the healthy development of children and young people by promoting physical activity and healthy eating as a normal positive part of every day.


The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is an independent statutory authority that will improve the learning of all young Australians through world-class school curriculum, assessment and reporting.

Parent’s Guide to Healthy Sleep

Given that studies have shown upwards of 65% of children aren't getting the necessary amount of sleep, the team over at Tuck Sleep created some informative guides to help parents combat this:


Technology and our bodies aren’t entirely compatible, at least when it comes to sleep. It makes sense, then, that we learn to develop healthy habits around technology and sleep, so we can reap the benefits that both have to offer. Read more at